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This is the official Terms of Use Agreement for, an Internet website by iRATEMYBOSS. This Agreement governs the content, features, and activities related to this Site.
This Site is offered and made available only to users 18 years of age or older who reside in the United States of America, its territories and possessions ("U.S."), UK, Canada, and Australia.If you are not yet 18 years old or the required greater age for certain features, do not reside in the listed countries and/or do not meet any other eligibility requirements, please discontinue using the Site immediately or, if for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, please discontinue using the Site immediately, because by using or attempting to use the Site, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age or other required greater age for certain features and meet any other eligibility and residency requirements of the Site.

The terms and conditions listed here about your use of the site is regarded as a legally binding agreement between you, the site, and its owners. The word “site” is meant to include all websites and web pages that are in the site as well as mirrors, replacements, backups and all others that are associated with the site.

When using the site you understand and agree that you will abide by the terms set in this agreement. Additional terms and Privacy Policy are also incorporated into this document even though they are on a different page. The rules here shall always govern.


1.  Right To Modify

We reserve the right to change terms at any time at our own discretion. A notice of changes will be placed at the bottom of terms indicating the last time a change was made. These changes become effective as of the date and entered on change notice and you will be bound to the changes.

2. Ownership of All Intellectual Property

All the content that is in this website (images, graphics, text, design, databases, look/feel, software, logic) are property of iratemyboss and ownership. Site is to be used for non-commercial purposes and with limited personal use. You cannot copy, distribute, reproduce, modify, circulate (to include 3rd party website), create derivative work, disseminate any material without prior consent of Any of this shall be subject you to civil liability, criminal liability or both.


We are not responsible or liable for advertisements that show up on our website. If you are not happy with the products please contact them directly.



This site is subject to international, state, local laws. You are to be responsible for anything you do on this website by knowing your IP address.


You should NEVER perform the following on this website:

·         Defame, be libelous, be obscene, be vulgar, sexual, racist, harass, threaten, intimidate, show extreme hate, be involved in identity theft, be abusive or pretend to be someone else.

·         Be negative towards iratemyboss by hurting our reputation.

·         Send or cause junk mail, spamming, virus sending and phishing.

·         Change your IP address for this site

·         Violate laws and regulations or infringe on other properties

·         Disrupt or interfere with the use of this website.

·         Collecting and transmitting information or material posted by others.

·         Rate yourself or have others rate your profile for a higher score.

·         No posts allowed to generate revenue for yourself and or a third party.  

5. Posting

Understand, acknowledge and agree that any postings made here are the sole responsibility of the person posting them. You are responsible for the consequences of all the posting made here, emailed here and transmitted here via twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others. Any postings made here are not the views of iratemyboss. We reserve the ability and right to review, edit, block IP’s, and delete any posting if we feel that, at our sole discretion, the posting violates our terms of service.

If a posting originates from your IP you hereby agree that you authorize iratemyboss to use these postings universally wherever we see fit and in whatever medium. By posting you agree that the posting was made by you and is original, the review does not violate our agreement here, the posting is not libelous, tortuous, does not contain unlawful information, does not infringe any copyrights, and posting is not obscene. We shall not be required to pay or incur any cost for any posting made here. When you leave a name, logo or brand on a review you specifically are representing that you have the right to use these yourself and under law.

We will not be responsible for any changes or deletions made to postings.

Do not post in a way that will be to generate revenue for you.

If you feel something violates these terms, please contact us. We do not guarantee a response.

6. Mobile Applications


We are not responsible for any charges incurred by a user or anyone using users mobile device. Carriers have rates that we are not responsible for if they are incurred while using this site.




We do not endorse any hyperlinks or URL’s that were placed on our website. We are not liable nor obligate you to use these. We do not verify these sites.



You hereby understand and agree to the following: to the fullest extent of the law, this site and ownership is not and shall not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind whether it is direct or indirect, that is in connection with this site or also arising from this site. This includes but is not limited to consequential, compensatory, punitive, or indirect damages.


Everything on this site is shown on an “AS IS” as well as “AS AVAILABLE” basis. This is done without representing any warranty at all (express or implied) or any guarantee & assurance whatsoever. We are not responsible for inaccuracies of the site, errors, and entering the site you assume the entire risk as to the quality, completeness, authenticity, correctness, accuracy timeliness and security of the site to include materials and postings on the site.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that you will provide written notice for us to repair, replace, or correct anything deficient with this agreement. We will assume no liability if site is not working, for the timeliness of this site, nor its functions and delays.

9. Indemnify

It is agreed by you that this site and owners are indemnified and held harmless against any claims, losses, expenses, actions, damages, and costs including attorney fees that are a result from a breach or violation of the agreement made by yourself or the public postings you have posted.

10. Privacy

Please review the privacy policy.


11. Applicable Laws


This agreement cannot be terminated or changed orally. This agreement and use of this site is enforced by the laws of the state of California. You agree to exclusive jurisdiction of California and venue will be in the State of California and a County of San Diego and you agree here that you will not object to such jurisdiction or venue on the grounds of lack of personal jurisdiction, and forum non conveniens and others.

This Terms of Use Agreement was last modified on the date indicated here and is effective immediately. 

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