About us

  1. ·Welcome to where we give you the employee the opportunity to review your Boss and previous Bosses.
  2. ·We encourage everyone who has ever been in the work force to show appreciation for any extraordinary Boss they have ever worked for.
  3. ·At iRateMyBoss we understand that not all Bosses are identical in nature. That is why we created the Average Boss Rating (ABR) so all Bosses everywhere can strive for an average 4/5 score and receive a Gold Star next to their average score.  
  4. ·The idea is every company should be able to see what their employees have to say in regards to the people they work for. Companies can see Bosses with high scores and reward them for being a great Boss and boosting overall employee morale in the work place.
  5. ·Your opinion matters. With every employees help we can make iRateMyBoss a staple during your job search process and a staple in your current/future work place.
  6. ·At iRateMyBoss we want to facilitate every employee’s job seeking process in order to make an informed and insightful decision for your career and future.