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Margaret Gierut AKA Wicked Witch of the East. Mean mouthed and slandered people under th...
Avg. Score: 1.0/5 03/31/14
Boss:  Mike King
Company: Allina Health
seems to be a very likeable guy. He runs his department like a tyrannical dictator. If he ...
Avg. Score: 1.5/5 03/23/14
Boss:  Kate Scraper
Company: Kenexa
The WORST boss...EVER!...
Avg. Score: 1.5/5 03/21/14
Boss:  Kendra Carey
Company: Ford
Either she likes you or she doesn't..... most horrible boss I have ever had. Very two face...
Avg. Score: 1.4/5 03/20/14
Boss:  Michael Grant
Great guy to work for. Always helping out. Gets us whatever we need....
Avg. Score: 4.6/5 03/11/14