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Rate My Boss: Online Platform for Rating Managers

If you have ever wished you could provide public ratings for your bosses, managers and executives according to their behavior, talent, skills and relationship then here exists an opportunity for you. This “rate my boss” website allows you to assess strengths of your managers and highlight their weaknesses in a free and friendly environment.

We invite employees to come and speak their minds about their managers. Professional views are best, however comments and ratings can be personal. We have a strict privacy policy to keep affairs as private as possible. Names and details of users aren’t disclosed to maintain privacy.

The advantage of using this website is you can come to know what your co-workers have to say about their managers. Also, if you are a jobseeker then you can see how different organizations treat their employees. If you are looking for a change in jobs then you are now able to find a better employer with the help of our ratings.

We provide a scale of 1-5 and divide the strength of bosses in a combination of skill sets that includes leadership, knowledge, flexibility, fairness, optimism, coaching, communication and micromanagement. The ratings given for your managers could indeed help others make an opinion on the organization you are working with.

“Rate my boss” also helps employers take feedback of their employees. Employers may consider these ratings while selecting or promoting managers. The ratings give real feedback to employers as it relates to their managers.



Very rude to female employees making it difficult for them to advance. Hired her nanny and...
Avg. Score: 1.4/5 10/27/15
Boss:  Mark Thompsom
Family owned . Run by son who has never sold cars nor has any idea how to manage. Upper le...
Avg. Score: 1.4/5 10/24/15
Boss:  Lee Maynor
Lee Maynor can not manage people. does not stand up for his own people. He will protect hi...
Avg. Score: 1.3/5 10/24/15
Jeffrey has mainframe application architecture knowledge. Jeffrey does not possess leaders...
Avg. Score: 1.4/5 10/07/15
Boss:  Yvonne Kelley
Company: Highmark
Poor leader, lacks basic management skills. Spends the majority of her time boasting about...
Avg. Score: 1.0/5 10/04/15